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Empowering Future Generations: Boys2Men Mentorship Program

Transforming Lives Through Guidance, Support, and Life Skills
  • Creating a Safe Haven for Boys

  • Empowering Through Life Skills

  • Fostering Community & Accountability

Why Boys2Men Matters.

Creating a Safe Haven for Boys!

Boys face numerous challenges in today’s world, from academic struggles to mental health issues. Boys2Men exists to turn the tide, providing a supportive and secure environment where boys can thrive and overcome these obstacles. Through our mentoring program, we aim to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring the boys we influence have a brighter future.

Higher Discipline Rates

Boys are disciplined more frequently and diagnosed with ADHD more often than girls.

Lower Academic Performance

Boys tend to have lower grades and test scores compared to girls.

Lack of Engagement

Boys are less likely to be engaged in school and excited about their studies.

Externalizing Problems

Boys are more prone to anger, outbursts, or violence compared to girls.

Reluctance to Seek Help

Boys are less likely to seek help for mental health issues like depression.

Rising Suicide Rates

Since 2000, there has been an alarming rise in suicide rates among older teen boys (ages 15+).

Emotional Processing Issues

Societal pressures of masculinity lead boys to struggle with processing emotions, causing disconnection and isolation.

Prosecution Rates

2004, almost 75% of juveniles prosecuted in courts were boys, commonly for vandalism, theft, and assault.

Cigarette Use

In 2006, around 12.5% of 10th grade boys smoked cigarettes in the past month.

Alcohol Consumption

In 2006, about 16.7% of 8th grade boys consumed alcohol in the past month.

Health Benefits

Lacking close friendships is concerning, as research links friendships to better mental and physical health for boys.

Drug Use

In 2006, nearly 40% of 12th grade boys used illegal drugs in the past year.

Time Online

Boys tend to spend more time on the internet compared to girls, missing important school or social activities.

Helping boys become better men.

Helping boys become better men. Boys2Men provides support and guidance to help boys overcome academic, mental health, and social challenges, ensuring they have a brighter future.

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization committed to transforming the lives of young men through mentorship. Our mission is to equip teenage boys with vital life skills and guide them toward a bright future. We offer guidance in exploring diverse paths such as higher education, skilled trades, entrepreneurship, and military service, opening doors to opportunities that extend beyond their current environment.

Experience Our Monday Night Meetings - A Journey of Sharing, Learning, and Fun

Discover how our structured yet engaging Monday night gatherings help boys connect, develop essential life skills, and enjoy a sense of community.

  • Highs and Lows

    Each boy shares their week's highs and lows, providing an opportunity to express and be heard. Participation is optional.

  • Life Skills Lesson

    Engaging and practical lessons focusing on perspectives and essential life skills.

  • Dinner

    A nutritious meal is served, giving everyone time to relax and refuel.

  • Free Game Time

    Boys can play video games, chat, or continue eating in a relaxed and fun environment.

Boys2Men Through the Years

Explore our journey and growth over the years. This gallery showcases the memorable moments and milestones of the boys we’ve mentored, highlighting their transformation into confident and capable young men.

Success Stories from Boys2Men

Executive Director & Founder of B2M

Chris Scott

From Defensive Tackle in the NFL to tackling youth issues on behalf of young men – Chris Scott cuts an impressive figure. The 6’5” former Indianapolis Colts player is the Founder and Executive Director of Boys2Men in Berea, Ohio…

…A few minutes in his company is all it takes to recognize his infectious enthusiasm for young people and his profound dedication to develop futures for young men through the B2M programming…  Boys2Men, Inc. is a community-based organization of positive male mentors who seek to equip boys and young men with the necessary skills to be productive in their families, schools, and communities. This is accomplished by giving them guidance, advice, assistance, and encouragement. Chris Scott graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette with a degree in criminal justice. Chris’ vision and personal mission is to help boys become better men and guide them to a successful career path to a future of opportunity and purposefulness….

Board Members

Guiding Boys2Men with dedication and expertise.

Larry Baldwin

Asst Director

Beverly Norman

Board Member

Tina Byers

Board Member

Debra Scott



Your generosity helps us mentor and support young males in their journey to become responsible adults. Choose how you would like to make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
What is Boys2Men?
Boys2Men is a mentorship program designed to empower young boys by providing guidance, support, and life skills. Our goal is to help boys navigate the challenges of adolescence and grow into confident, capable men. We meet every Monday to tackle common problems such as academic struggles, mental health issues, and social pressures, ensuring that each boy receives the support he needs to succeed.
Who can join Boys2Men?

Boys2Men is open to boys in middle and high school. We welcome new members who are looking for a supportive community and opportunities for personal growth.

How do I register my student for Boys2Men?

You can register your student for the upcoming school year through our website. We have separate registration paths for new members and current members re-enrolling. Here is the page to register: https://b2minc.org/registration

What happens at the Monday night meetings?

Our Monday night meetings include sharing highs and lows, practical life skills lessons, a snack, and free game time. These meetings provide a structured yet engaging environment for boys to learn and connect.

How can I support Boys2Men?

You can support Boys2Men through donations, volunteering, or participating in our events. You can donate here: https://b2minc.org/donate/. We offer options for one-time donations, recurring donations, and mail-in or drop-off options for checks.

Are donations to Boys2Men tax-deductible?

Yes, Boys2Men is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID – EIN: 47-3064258.

What kind of life skills are taught at Boys2Men?

Our program covers a range of life skills including goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution, financial literacy, and communication skills. We also have discussions about college, entrepreneurship, and the armed forces, along with problem-solving, self-awareness, and navigating the world effectively.

Where are the Boys2Men meetings held?

Meetings are held at Boys2Men HQ, 487 Front Street, Berea, Ohio 44017, next to the Berea Recreation Center.

Can parents or guardians attend the meetings?

Our meetings are designed to provide a safe space for boys to express themselves and learn. Parents and guardians are welcome to contact us for updates and information about the program, but the meetings are typically for boys only.

What are the days and times Boys2Men meets?

Boys2Men meets every Monday from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

What are the closure dates for Boys2Men?

We follow the Berea schools schedule, so if there is no school, Boys2Men is closed. Here are the closure dates:

  • December 23
  • December 30
  • January 20
  • February 17
  • March 31
  • April 21
Is Boys2Men a summer program?

No, Boys2Men is not a summer program. Our sessions start on September 9th and end on May 12th.

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